Saturday, February 24, 2018

"To Keep and Bear Arms" is about the Basic Human Right to Self-Defense

There is a lot of emotion after the mass shooting Parkland, Florida. My gut feeling is that things are different this time and the nation is moving closer to gun control, which is why I feel compelled to write this post.

Let's set aside the emotional discussions about the 2nd amendment, school shootings, etc. The issue of "keeping and bearing arms" is about the basic human right to self defense. In a world where the predominant and effective personal weapon is a firearm, we must have firearms to defend ourselves. Sticks, knives, martial arts, etc. are insufficient when facing a gun. Without a firearm of your own, you are completely vulnerable, with no ability to protect yourself, your families, people you care about, from those who have firearms and intend to harm us. 

In ancient history, the predominant personal weapon was the sword. I believe even Jesus Christ affirmed the right to self-defense when, at the end of his ministry, He told his disciples to buy a sword if they did not have one:

"Then He said to them, 'But now, whoever has a money-bag should take it, and also a traveling bag. And whoever doesn't have a sword should sell his robe and buy one.'" - Luke 22:36

The only purpose of a sword is to kill, and the modern equivalent of a sword is a firearm.

In addition, where do you think all of these mass shootings are coming from, suddenly and out of nowhere? Please don’t just believe what the media and “authorities” tell you. Look very closely at the forensic evidence and eyewitness testimonies to Parkland, Sandy Hook, Aurora and Las Vegas. Things are NOT as they seem. 

In a CNN interview, a girl student present at Parkland, FL, said there was a rumor circulating among students that there would be a "fake code red" with "fake guns" that day. Hmmm, what? In fact, many students thought it was a drill at first.

Another student in a local news interview said there was "definitely three" shooters, describing a situation where students were moving one direction away from a shooter, when a second shooter came from the opposite direction and corralled them. She said there was a powder on the floor of the school (consistent with shooting blanks, not real bullets) and when the "army guys" showed up, they stacked the bodies in a corner and put mats on top of them so people couldn't see them. What??? Multiple shooters, army guys. And why did they ruin the crime scene forensic evidence by moving the bodies like that? 

A third Parkland student said that, after the gunfire started, the allegedly shooter Nick Cruz was walking with her and her classmates down the hall. She knew him and was talking with him. Asked by her interviewer if she was afraid, she said no, because the shooting had occurred in another part of the building and there was "definitely" another shooter.

Maybe the four Broward County sheriffs who did not enter the building during the shooting were also told there would be a "fake code red" with "fake guns." Maybe they were ordered to stand down, or thought they were supposed to, or were complicit in a staged event.

Much more can be said about Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Aurora. Again, look closely at the evidence and testimonies. I have and here is the inescapable conclusion: All of these are staged events intended to whip the public into a frenzy for gun control. It's the same protocol followed in some other Western countries where gun control has been enacted (Australia, UK): A mass shooting with many inconsistencies and peculiarities, followed by a media and political frenzy, followed by gun control laws. America is just particularly resilient about guns, so the mass shootings just keep coming. 

We're being played. Don't fall for it.