Monday, February 29, 2016

Pieces - Writings for the Mystical Bride of Christ

Pieces - Writings for the Mystical Bride of Christ is a new book by my friend Greg Morris. You can download it by clicking the link below.

Pieces is a compilation of poems, words of wisdom and thoughts for the Bride of Christ. Who is the Bride? Well, you know who you are!

"The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God." - Romans 8:16

Pieces is great writing with deep insights that suit the times. It is also very different from the typical, straightforward Christian writing (including my own), as it ventures into the personal and poetic like the Psalms. 

The epilogue of the book contains unique insights into the event we call the rapture, when the Bridgegroom will come to rescue the Bride during a time of tribulation, yet before "a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will." (Matthew 24:21)

Download the book as a PDF file:

Pieces - Writings for the Mystical Body of Christ

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dream - Carried Safely All the Way to the Other Side

I seldom have prophetic dreams, but the Lord gave me an encouraging dream last August or September that I’ll share here.

First, a little personal background. As a child I lived in Gig Harbor, Washington, near the Narrows Bridge. I used to climb down the bluffs and play on the beach all the time. The bridge is large and green and stretches for a mile across the Puget Sound. The tidal currents flow swiftly through that area. 


I parked my car on the top of the bluff near the Narrows Bridge on the Gig Harbor side and intended to go for a hike alone. As I started walking along a trail, two strong-looking men joined me, one on each side. They were jovial and friendly and I didn’t mind that they were there.

Suddenly the man on my right picked me up high and said something like, "I hope you're ready for this!" Then he stepped over the edge of the bluff. I looked straight down and saw the rocks on the beach at least 100 feet below where we would land. Though I understood the fall would kill me, I immediately felt a deep, abiding peace, the kind that only comes from Jesus. I knew in my heart it was going to be okay.

As we fell, an intense wind blew us sideways much faster than we were falling vertically. In fact, the wind carried us the entire mile across the sound and set us down gently on the beach on the other side. After the man set me down on the sand, I looked around and asked, “How did you know?” As in, how did he know the wind would carry us safely across?
End of dream.


The men were angels. Whatever tribulation is coming in the days ahead, in the natural it would kill me. But I believe God will send his host (angels) to provide safe passage across, all the way to the other side. Praise God!

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, 'My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!'

For He will give His angels charge concerning you,
To guard you in all your ways. 

They will bear you up in their hands, 
That you do not strike your foot against a stone."
- Psalm 91:1-2, 11-12 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Lord God Has Spoken to America - Part 1

Furnace of Judgment Will Birth Revival 

The Lord has been speaking to me lately about the church in America, its condition and the need to repent and seek the Lord. This is a somber topic. America as a nation has walked away from God's law. We can point to a thousand causes and symptoms, but the root cause is the church has failed in its mission to be salt (preservative) and light (radiance of God's truth, law and power) in the world. Now evil has gotten the upper hand.

However, the good news here is that revival is coming to America. Many souls will be saved and delivered into the kingdom of heaven. This will be an exciting time, but also heartrending and tragic, because this revival will come at the price of national judgment. God has decreed judgment on America, just like He did ancient Israel. Through the heat of that furnace many will come into the fold.

Ancient Israel and Modern America - Covenant Nations Alike 

America and ancient Israel are more alike that many realize. Like Israel, America as a nation was founded upon a dedication to Almighty God. A week before the inauguration of its first president George Washington, a newspaper in New York made the following announcement:

"[O]n the morning of the day on which our illustrious President will be invested with his office, the bells will ring at nine o’clock, when the people may go up to the house of God and in a solemn manner commit the new government, with its important train of consequences, to the holy protection and blessing of the Most high. An early hour is prudently fixed for this peculiar act of devotion and . . . is designed wholly for prayer."
 - The Daily Advertiser, New York, Thursday, April 23, 1789

After the ceremony, George Washington's first act as president was to lead the Vice President and members of Congress to Saint Paul's Chapel in Manhattan to pray and ask God's favor and blessing on the nation. In his first address to Congress, Washington acknowledged and thanked God for his hand in establishing the nation, humbly requested his blessings and issued this warning:

"We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained." - George Washington

Though these facts are ignored by revisionist history and Common Core education, I believe America at its founding entered into a covenant with God like the one set forth by Moses to Israel in Deuteronomy 28 and again by King Solomon in his prayer at the dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8. The dedication in America seemed more organic and sprung up from a movement of the Spirit among the people. 

The end times watchman Steve Quayle has received a number of prophetic words over the last couple decades, which you can read on his website. A consistent theme I see is that God considers that America made a covenant with him and broke it:

"Hear oh land of the broken covenant for I have a controversy with America!"

"Oh Nation, poised for destruction, you have broken the covenant of life that I made with your forefathers and whom I blessed with a nation unlike any other in the history of the world. The penalty for idolatry has always been destruction, as the Fallen Ones and their followers can only produce death."
"Oh that the land your forefathers made with me in covenant would open their hearts and their eyes that they might see and incline their ears that they might hear. No longer will you watch destruction, death, and the horrors of war in distant lands as mothers hold their lifeless children or children their lifeless parents, but you will experience this firsthand."

 - Steve Quayle, excerpts from various prophetic words

The consequences expressed in these words are consistent with the curses in Deuteronomy 28:

"Now it shall be, if you diligently obey the Lord your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the Lord your God." - Deuteronomy 28:1-2

"But it shall come about, if you do not obey the Lord your God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes with which I charge you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you." - Deuteronomy 28:15

You can read the whole chapter to see the amazing list of blessings and terrible curses. If a nation under this divine covenant obeys God, it will be the most blessed in the world. Blessed in every way. But if it falls into unrepentant rebellion, it will be cursed in many ways and finally destroyed. What can we say about this? The Lord God generously rewards those who seek him and follow his ways. He is merciful and forgiving, and also holy and just. God will not allow a nation that claims his name to go on mocking and dishonoring him without consequence.

Without a doubt, America has been a blessed nation. It rose steadily over 150 years and became the world's greatest superpower after World War II. It had the largest economy, enjoyed peace and security, and sat atop the world. Its churches sent missionaries with the gospel around the world. But today, America has embraced bloodshed at home (abortion) and abroad (endless foreign wars), sexual perversion, injustice, massive deceptions, idolatry, hedonism and pride. Its churches - many of them anyway - have become feel-good religious clubs, devoid of the power of the Holy Spirit, friends with the world.

What comes next for America is already written in the Scriptures.

It is written in the book of Hosea, which I covered in a previous article: Punishment and Allure - The Message of Hosea for America Now

It is also written in the Old Testament book of Amos.

Message of Amos for America Now 

Amos was a prophet who ministered in ancient Israel, decades before the Northern Kingdom fell to Assyria and more than 150 years before Judah and Jerusalem fell to Babylon. Amos' messages were warnings of judgment and calls to repent and "seek the Lord that you may live." The words were written to the rebellious nation of Israel, but they also apply to America today.

"Thus says the Lord, 'For three transgressions of Judah and for four I will not revoke its punishment, because they rejected the law of the Lord and have not kept His statutes;
Their lies also have led them astray, those after which their fathers walked. So I will send fire upon Judah and it will consume the citadels of Jerusalem.'" - Amos 2:4-5

America's punishment has been decreed from the heavenlies because it turned away and disobeyed the laws of God. The people are caught in a web of lies that leads them astray. Every day I am astonished at the magnitude of deception in this country and how few people care to question it. It is like they are asleep in a deep trance and simply accept what the perceived authorities tell them, whether institutions of government, religion, media, education or finance. (Big Brother does not love you; he enslaves and exploits you. Jesus loves you and sets you free.)

Judah and Jerusalem were destroyed with fire, and so will be America. "For this reason in one day her plagues will come, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire; for the Lord God who judges her is strong." - Revelation 18:8

Amos continues:

"Hear this word which the Lord has spoken against you, sons of Israel, against the entire family which He brought up from the land of Egypt: 'You only have I chosen among all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.'" - Amos 3:1-2

Hear the word the Lord has spoken against the sons of America, a family He established through independence from England and by drawing its sons from every nation around the world. America was a covenant nation, a chosen nation, so this is personal for the Lord. He will punish America for her iniquities.

Now we come to prophetic warnings:

"Do two men walk together unless they have made an appointment? 
Does a lion roar in the forest when he has no prey?
Does a young lion growl from his den unless he has captured something?
Does a bird fall into a trap on the ground when there is no bait in it?
Does a trap spring up from the earth when it captures nothing at all?
If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble?
If a calamity occurs in a city has not the Lord done it?
Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear?The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?" - Amos 3:3-8

The first six verses establish a pattern of cause-and-effect: One event signifies and leads to another. An appointment leads to a walk together. Catching prey inspires a lion to roar. A set trap leads to a captured bird. A trumpet blast causes the people in a city to tremble with concern. 

Here is the main message: Before executing his plans, the Lord God promised first to reveal them through his servants the prophets. Has the Lord spoken to America through prophesy? Yes, He has spoken in so many ways and through so many people! In Part 2 of this message, I will cover some of the people who have prophesied to America, warning of judgment to come and calling for repentance. I have already touched on this topic in a previous post: Modern End Times Prophecies - Dudumon, Quayle, Gruver, Leal, Kleck. Of course, take everything to the Lord for confirmation first. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will lead you into ALL TRUTH.

God has absolutely fulfilled his promise to prophesy to America before judging her, just like did for ancient Israel. However, many churchgoers have not received the messages, just like most Israelites ignored and mocked the warnings of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Hosea, Amos, Obadiah, Habakkuk and so on. Some people say that prophesy is no longer an operating gift, but that is false. I covered this in a previous post: Turn on Your Spiritual Radar, Or Else. Others are simply caught up in the national trance and deception. What can we say about those who are not receiving and responding to the God's warnings and admonitions? Scripture says judgment comes first to the house of the Lord. God's supernatural protection is for those who abide in him (see Psalm 91) and share his heart about the sins and abominations in the land (see Ezekiel 9). This is why it is SO IMPORTANT TO WAKE UP AND HEED THE WARNINGS!

These are heavy messages, I know. Let's end on a note of hope with God's remedy:
"For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel,
'Seek Me that you may live....
Seek good and not evil, that you may live; and thus may the Lord God of hosts be with you, just as you have said! Hate evil, love good, and establish justice in the gate! Perhaps the Lord God of hosts may be gracious to the remnant of Joseph."