Sunday, March 1, 2015

Modern End Times Prophesies - Dudumon, Gruver, Leal, Kleck

For Part One of this post, see Turn on Your Spiritual Radar, Or Else.

Below are five watchmen and harbingers of the end times who, in my opinion, genuinely walk with the Lord and have very important, astonishing messages to share. Though these men have separate & distinct callings and ministries, you will notice significant overlap and convergence in their messages. That's an indicator the same Spirit speaks to them all.

As always, take the messages to the Lord for confirmation.

Dumitru Dudumon - A Romanian preacher and Bible smuggle during the Communist era who was tortured in prison for his faith and later sent into exile. Though he spoke no English, God called Dumitru to America in 1984 to preach a message of repentance and judgment. He passed away in 1997.

Dudumon video testimony of vision of America's judgment
The Message for America
Mystery Babylon
China and Russia Strike

Henry Gruver - "International prayer walker" who has ministered in more than 70 countries in the world.
US Invaded by China
Prince Charles Vision
Russian Invasion of America
Interview with Henry Gruver & Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann

Nathan Leal - Called in 2005 as a watchman of the final days of this age, Nathan has many prophetic dreams and insights to share.
Nathan Leal's website - Watchman's Cry

Jonathan Kleck - Formerly a professional skydiver and owner of Vampires Sunglasses, Kleck was led to the Lord by the angel Michael in an ally in San Antonio, Texas, and received his calling as a harbinger of the return of Christ. If you have difficulty believing that, then maybe Kleck isn't for you. But if you think that's at least possible, Kleck's messages will blow your mind. 
Jonathan Kleck's website
Kleck's Youtube channel
Kleck's radio show "This Is It - Before the Fire"

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