Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Animosity, Violence and Misogyny in Muslim Immigrant Communities

Here is a letter to the editor that I submitted to a local newspaper and an online news site, but neither would publish it because it is critical of Islam. It is true, however: 

Thousands of Muslim refugees have settled in southern Idaho, and our government will shortly place 2,000 more mostly Muslim refugees from places like Syria and Iraq. That sounds benevolent, but we should first look at the experience of other countries that accepted large numbers of Muslim immigrants. After Sweden began receiving Muslim immigrants in the 1970s, it went from being one of the safest countries to having the 2nd highest rape rate in the world. The statistics say 78% of rapes in Sweden are committed by foreigners, which are mainly men from Muslim countries. The British polled their Muslim community and found 1 in 3 want Western society destroyed and replaced by Islamic rule. Personally, I lived for a while in a neighborhood with many Muslims on the edge of Paris and saw the hatred, misogyny and violence in that community with my own eyes. Believe me, you don’t want that here. Idahoans should stand up and say no to this immigration.

Here are a few more details about my experience while in France:

I lived for a while in a neighborhood on the edge of Paris with many Muslims. On one occasion, my wife was harassed and frightened while alone at a laundromat by an Arab young man who claimed he liked Bin Laden and supported terror. I went down there and confronted the man and nearly got into a fight. This was in 1998! I also watched a group of Arab young men surround, intimidate and push around an old Frenchman for sport in a metro station. On another occasion, I inadvertently walked into an Arab protest so volatile that about 20 French police in riot gear and carrying shields were deployed to contain it. I could feel the anger and hatred in the air like electricity. They were protesting President Clinton about the enforcement of a no-fly zone over the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq!

I've traveled to 25 or 30 countries in my life and never experienced such animosity as in Muslim immigrant communities.

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