Friday, July 8, 2016

Things Are Heating Up - Be Ready, But Don't Give In to the Hate

The Dallas "Black Lives Matter" sniper shooting police, Orlando "jihad" night club massacre, cell phone videos featuring police brutality. Things are heating up in this country and it is all by design. This is being orchestrated at the highest levels with the intention of pitting us against one another: Black against white, Democrat vs. Republican, communists vs. constitutionalists, Muslims vs. everyone else. Don't give in to the hatred and anger. The commander in chief intends to plunge the country into chaos and use it as a pretext for seizing authoritarian powers.

Jesus said this type of thing would happen in the end times:

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" - Matthew 24:7

The Greek word for "nation" in this verse is "ethnos," which also means race or ethnic group. It describes groups of people being pitted against one another, escalating into anger, hatred and violence. There is nothing to be gained by participating in this conflict. Our concern as Christians is to advance the kingdom of heaven, love one another and spread the truth.

But we should also be ready to defend ourselves, our families, friends and communities. Last month the Lord gave me an “object lesson” to underscore this point. An object lesson is what I call a real-life event that also has prophetic meaning.

On Sunday June 5 at about 10:30 pm, the kids were down, my wife went to bed and I felt like going for a nighttime walk since I didn’t exercise that day. A strange thought came to mind: “Will I be safe?” I wondered where that came from because my neighborhood is a quiet suburb on the edge of city limits. I did a gut check and thought, “No, I’ll be alright.” But just in case I tucked a gun under my shirt (I have a concealed carry permit) and carried a flashlight.

It was a hot night. As I walked away from my house, I noticed a few people walking behind me in the same direction. I wondered who they were because the only neighbors who normally walk that time of night were out of town. They disappeared and I continued walking for 45 minutes or so.

I returned through a schoolyard which connects to my neighborhood via a 50-yard path. Shining my flashlight, I saw what looked like a human form at the end of the path. Peculiar for late night on a Sunday because no one else was out. As I approached, I saw in fact three young men about high-school age, facing the path and standing still, almost in formation with one in front and two on his flanks. They were not wearing shirts and all had longish black hair that appeared to be pulled back with headbands. The scene felt bizarre and unnerving. I scanned their hands and didn’t see anything. So as I walked in front, I asked, “What are you guys going, just hanging out?” One answered, “Yeah.”

I crossed the street and heard one young man call to me, “That’s a bright flashlight. Where did you get it?” I looked over my shoulder and saw they were following after me kind of quickly. I mumbled, “I don’t know,” and picked up my pace. At this point I made a mental decision that if they rush me, I’m going to use my fists, unless one pulls out a weapon, then I’ll use my firearm.

I could feel a shot of adrenaline and then… Nothing. They peeled off and I walked the remaining 150 yards to my house.

Subsequent to this event I saw a dream/vision posted on Steve Quayle’s website ( that described a “panorama of violence that will soon take place in our own neighborhood streets.” This woman saw crowds of young people, angry and determined. “Some of the people had bandanas on their heads and they were on a mission to destroy. This crowd was lined up and gathered in the street and very synchronized.”

Young people? Bandanas? Lined up, gathered in the street and synchronized? That’s exactly what I saw that night, which confirmed the meaning of it for me: Things are going to get bizarre, dangerous and hit close to home. We need to be prepared.

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