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Shadow Government, Civil War, and Blood for Blood

In the post Civil War Foreboding, I wrote about how the Lord showed me that He will allow a spirit of conflict to arise in America that will provoke a form of civil war. This will be a judgment on our nation. Donald Trump's role is to stir up half the country against the other half, led by Obama and other globalist forces from behind the scenes. This won't be a classic civil war with "union forces" opposing "confederates" on the battlefield. In my opinion, it will probably consist of numerous chaotic civil uprisings, insurgencies and disasters that are quelled by martial law. The divisions will occur along a variety of lines: Left vs Right, Globalist vs Nationalist, Black vs White, Citizens vs Immigrants, Jihadis vs Non-Muslims, State Governments vs Federal, etc.


I also shared why I believe the Lord showed me Obama still holds reins of power by controlling a shadow government. Since that post was published in January, the news has been inundated with stories about Obama's "shadow government" and the "deep state" opposing Trump's agenda:

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump's presidency (NY Post)
Obama has an army of 30,000 agitators organized through a network of leftist nonprofits who will fight Trump's agenda. Obama did not leave Washington DC, but still lives in a mansion less than two miles from the White House. 

Insiders: Obama Holdover 'Shadow Government' Plotting to Undermine Trump (Breitbart)
Several intelligence insiders say a shadow government of Obama holdovers are leaking information to derail Trump's presidency, with National Security Advisor Mike Flynn as their first great success.

Spies Keep Intelligence from Donald Trump on Leak Concerns (Wall Street Journal)
Current and former officials say US intelligence officers are withholding information from President Trump.

Glenn Greenwald: What The 'Deep State' Is Doing To Trump Is A Prescription For Destroying Democracy' (Townhall) 

While these articles just skim the surface of what is really happening, isn't it amazing that suddenly the "conspiratorial" idea of a shadow government is all over the mainstream media? Praise God, He revealed it.

Blood for Blood

And He recently revealed more. On Sunday my wife and I were having a quiet time and the Lord let us to Numbers 35, which is about manslaughter, blood avengers and cities of refuge. In particular this verse was highlighted:

Do not defile the land where you are, for bloodshed defiles the land, and there can be no atonement for the land because of the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of the person who shed it.” – Numbers 35:33, Holman Bible

The heavy and sobering message we received is that God is going to atone for the blood shed by Americans by shedding their own blood. In this way He will cleanse the land.

Think of the 60 million babies killed by abortion, the untold millions killed and harmed by US foreign wars and interventions, the casualties of the CIA-run drug trade, the human trafficking and child sexual abuse and ritual sacrifice especially among the elites in our society. The blood of the innocent has not simply washed away. It cries out from the ground, just like Abel's blood after Cain slew him. Unless we individually have repented and are covered by the blood of Jesus, it will be blood for blood. God will re-balance the skewed scales of justice in America. 

"For He will avenge the blood of His servants. He will take vengeance on His adversaries; He will purify His land and His people." - Deuteronomy 32:43, Holman Bible 

This judgment will fall on all levels of society. Even the elites who think they are above accountability for the crimes they perpetuate in the world will receive their due. Think of the politicians and government leaders, corrupt corporate and banking chiefs, secret society power brokers. No one is above God's reach.

One hundred and fifty years ago America had a president who understood and acknowledged the scales of God's justice, even this aspect of blood for blood. Abraham Lincoln, at his second inaugural address in the midst of the Civil War, spoke these words to the nation: 

"Fondly do we hope -- fervently do we pray -- that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether." - Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address, 1865 

Lincoln understood that the bloodshed of the Civil War was in part a divine retribution for the bloodshed of slavery. And he spoke it to the nation!

Yet if I spoke the words in this article to most churches, what do you think would be the response? I can tell you because I have already tried. Last year I contacted about 35 churches in my area about judgment. I wanted to know if church leaders understood God's judgment of America had begun and what they were doing preparing their flocks for the coming storm. Most ignored me. A few responded to disagree. One associate pastor conceded that judgment of America is a possibility but didn't really want to talk about it. 

So there you have it: They don't want to hear it. Tickle their ears and massage their egos, but don't tell them about God's justice and judgment. I think most people in churches would reject this message, because in fact they already have. (There are a few exceptions among churches, but I don't know of any in my area.)

How far America has fallen! In 1865 we had a president who humbly and publicly acknowledged the justice and judgment of God on our nation - treasure for treasure and blood for blood - but today if you speak of it in church they will hate it. Instead many talk about how God is using Donald Trump to make America great again, which is DELUSION. Or they talk about how Trump is a tyrant that Hillary and Obama and the Democrats need to save us from, which is equally DELUSION. This is all a trap and setup for conflict.

There was more to the revelation the other night. The Lord then led us to Judges 20 and 21 as well as 2 Samuel 18, both of which are about CIVIL WARS. The first describes a war between 11 tribes of Israel and the tribe of Benjamin, in which there was much bloodshed. The other describes a war between David's son Absalom and the forces loyal to King David, in which there was much bloodshed.

I interpreted this to mean the bloodshed in America will come about through civil war and internal conflict. This is a message we have received before and it is definitely coming.

Finally, we were led to Jeremiah 31, which is joyful and points to our coming deliverance.

"Then the virgin will rejoice in the dance, and the young men and the old, together, for I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow. 'I will fill the soul of the priests with abundance, and My people will be satisfied with My goodness,' declares the Lord." - Jeremiah 31:13-14, NASB

There is hope through and on the other side of this. None of what I said in this article negates the love and mercy of God. There is forgiveness for all who repent and believe in Jesus Christ. There is nothing to be afraid of, not even death.

But as a nation we have forgotten the justice and judgment of God. The Lord is about to remind us that He has not forgotten.

P.S. For a second witness to this message, see "The Land Must Be Cleansed" in Diana Pulliam's blog called The Mighty Hand of God.

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Vicki said...

Excellent post…We feel it too. The signs are everywhere. The Lord is showing His mercy in His messages to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

A very bold message I feel…Thank you for sharing.